Pokemon™ Mystery Universe is a non-profit multiplayer online game. Even though it is still under development, the game is provided with a good amount of features to play in.

WARNING You may experience occasional errors due to being under development. The server may also experience some difficulties and become offline.

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Server under construction [9/1/13]

    The server is undergoing maintenance at the moment.

    -Sprinko [Forum Post]
  • Go explore

    Explore a brand new world!

    From the huge overworld to the depths of the darkest dungeons, you will always have something new to explore!

  • Go connect

    Play with fans new and old!

    Those who really enjoy the game are obviously Pokémon fans. Whether it is in-game, forum, or chat, it's always nice to interact here and there. Just make sure you watch your tongue!

  • Go express

    Customize your mystery dungeon experience!

    Play as your favourite Pokémon or create your very own house! Once you are done, show off your world to others!