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•Post is spam or intended to flood or disrupt a forum or topic.
•Post contains vulgar language, obscene or abusive speech, expressions, depictions, or actions.
•Post contains discussion/URLs of ROMs, WAREZ, or any other illegal software.
•The following post is Off-Topic.
•Post or topic was made in the wrong forum.
•Post is intended to bypass the word censors.
•Post is intended to bash or flame another member in a distasteful manner and/or is offensive to a specific race, religion, or nationality.
•Post is considered topic revival and the thread has not been posted in for over six weeks.
-This rule (topic revival) does not apply to the following sections of the boards: Skins, Teams (unless the thread is over a year old), forum games (thread must NOT be older than 3 months) and any stickies throughout the forum.
•Post is purposefully misleading.
•Post contains a URL to another MMO, online game, or product.
•Post discloses personal information such as name, location, address, etc.
•The user of the post has an inappropriate or too large of a signature, avatar, or other profile field.
•Post is trying to enforce banning users, punishing them or any other decision that should be left up to the staff.
•Other. Please specify a reason.
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